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Manufacturer Partners

A network that represents more than half of the community-based nephrology market in the United States uses your products to treat thousands of patients each day. How can you reach these clinics and nephrologists? How can you interact with them? How can you convey your product’s value to them?

INN provides the way.

By creating collaborative and receptive opportunities for manufacturer-provider communication, NN allows manufacturers to present themselves as partners in improving renal care. Rely on INN for solutions that deliver your product’s key messages through channels that garner a  response.

We can drive appropriate use of your product. We can ensure our members understand its full clinical potential. We can work with our members to increase patient adherence and deliver the data you need for smarter strategic planning.

Expand your product’s potential with INN.

Services include:

  • Targeted Interactions
  • Live Meetings
  • Marketing Support
  • Clinical and Supply Chain Informatics 

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If you are interested in becoming one of INNs Manufacturer Partners, please visit our "Become A Partner" Page and follow the instructions on how to submit your facility's information.

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